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Revenue, profits, management change, growth expectations: the starting point for building the image of any company or organisation is corporate communications. The right tone and approach are key when interacting with target audiences and to properly convey identity, messages, values and projects.

We work closely with our clients in defining the right mix of content, means and channels of communications to use in order to adapt the messages targeted to various stakeholders on the market.

Through customised strategies we not only define the company’s corporate image, and coordinate product and financial communications, but we also help our clients navigate the complexity of critical events such as through hostile takeovers, industrial or financial restructuring product recalls, an environmental accident, these are just a few events that can impact the life of a company, creating crisis situations that vary in complexity.

Analytical capabilities, identifying information essential to managing communications, defining the right strategy to manage and solve the crisis, and the availability of resources around the clock: these are the skills we offer our clients. Our aim is to help companies and corporate executives convey their own version of the facts to both the outside public and those within the company.