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Terms and conditions

The Image Building trademark is the property of Image Building S.r.l. and is protected under applicable laws. Image Building S.r.l. is a company incorporated and operating under the laws of Italy.

The images on the website www.imagebuilding.it are the property of Image Building S.r.l., which is the lawful holder of all pertinent rights.

Illustration content is subject to protection under Italian and international copyright statutes. The reader may not modify, publish, transmit, share, provide for use in any capacity, reproduce (beyond the limits indicated below), rework, distribute, execute, provide access to or commercially exploit in any manner whatsoever such content, in whole or in part.

Infringement of the restrictions on use or reproduction without the prior written consent of Image Building S.r.l. will be reported to the competent authorities and subject to prosecution in accordance with Italian and international law.

For further information, and to request authorisation to use and reproduce illustration content, please write to the following e-mail address: info@imagebuilding.it