Salvatore Ferragamo SpA is awarded SA8000 certification

Florence, 12th September 2019. Corporate social responsibility is a fundamental value for Salvatore Ferragamo and at the core of the brand’s identity. The Group’s management policies and practices are based on its mission of creating “sustainable value” and, in keeping with this commitment, Salvatore Ferragamo is delighted to announce that it has received SA8000 social accountability certification.

“In line with our Code of Ethics and Sustainability Policy, SA8000 certification confirms our commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethics and sustainable business development,” explained Ferruccio Ferragamo, President of the Salvatore Ferragamo. “This an important milestone and one that demonstrates our commitment to ethics after having developed corporate social responsibility practices. Compliance with the SA8000 standard means considering the social impact of our business, in addition to the conditions in which our employees, partners and suppliers operate.”

The SA8000 international standard covers the social accountability aspects of a management system and encourages organizations to develop, maintain and apply practices that incorporate respect for human rights and workers, protection against child labour and health and safety.

Salvatore Ferragamo has received SA8000 certification for all its Italian operations, i.e., its headquarters, the Osmannoro site, the logistics hub and the stores in Italy.

Furthermore, Salvatore Ferragamo is proud to announce that it has just recently extended ISO 14064 certification to all its Italian operations. Compliance with this standard entails calculating the greenhouse gas emissions of its business in order to certify its carbon footprint.

Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A.

Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A. is the parent Company of the Salvatore Ferragamo Group, one of the world’s leaders in the luxury industry and whose origins date back to 1927. The Group is active in the creation, production and sale of shoes, leather goods, apparel, silk products and other accessories, along with women’s and men’s fragrances. The Group’s product offer also includes eyewear and watches, manufactured by licensees. The uniqueness and exclusivity of our creations, along with the perfect blend of style, creativity and innovation enriched by the quality and superior craftsmanship of the ‘Made in Italy’ tradition, have always been the hallmarks of the Group’s products. With approximately 4,000 employees and a network of 661 mono-brand stores as of 30 June 2019, the Ferragamo Group operates in Italy and worldwide through companies that allow it to be a leader in the European, American and Asian markets.

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