Luxembourg, June 3, 2020

NB Aurora S.A. SICAF-RAIF (“NB Aurora” or “the Company”) announces that the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting, which has been held today on second call in its Luxembourg registered office, has approved all the items of the agenda.

In particular the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting has approved NB Aurora’s new investment policy and has amended consequently the articles of association, including also the authorization to the Board of Directors to issue new shares below the par value of the existing shares within the authorized share capital of NB Aurora. Furthermore, the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting has resolved to cancel the private placement memorandum dated January 2018 and to approve the new prospectus to be finalised by the Board of Directors in relation to the capital increase transaction that is currently expected to be carried out in the second half of this year and which will be the only issuing document of the Company pursuant to article 38 the Luxembourg law of 23 July 2016 on reserved alternative investment funds.

The minutes of the Shareholders’ Meeting, together with the revised articles of association and the summary statement of the voting will be made available to the public in accordance with the terms and methods provided for by the laws and regulations in force and thus will also be available on the corporate website, section “Shareholders’ Meeting”.

NB Aurora

NB Aurora, the first permanent capital vehicle listed in Italy on the MIV professional segment of the Italian Stock Exchange, has been created with the purpose to invest in unlisted SMEs, conveying financial resources to support their growth and international expansion, thus helping to support the real economy. NB Aurora is promoted by Neuberger Berman, private, independent, employee-owned investment manager, with $330 billion AUM (as of March 31, 2020). The investment target includes those top-class SMEs with a leading position in specialized niches and a strong export attitude with a turnover between €30 and €300 million. NB Aurora team will operate with an active minority approach, to partner with entrepreneurs with a medium-long term horizon.


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