Rome, April 28, 2021 – doValue, the leading operator in Southern Europe in credit management and real estate services for banks and investors (“doValue” or “the Group”), announces that it has signed new servicing agreements with leading global credit investors and banks for a total claim of over €2.0 billion of GBV (Gross Book Value) since beginning of 2021. These are composed by:
• Two portfolios of 2 Spanish banking institutions for the management of NPLs for a total of approximately €1.1 billion
• Two portfolios of AMCO for the management of NPLs and UTPs for a total of approximately €500 million following a competitive process launched by AMCO after the acquisition of the MPS Portfolio;
• doValue Greece has increased its asset under management following the expansion of a portfolio already managed for an existing client by an additional €200 million;
• The Efesto UTP fund, exclusively managed by Italfondiario as a special servicer, has added €250 million loans contributed by additional Italian banks beyond the initial five, confirming the appeal of the innovative structure aimed at maximising value for banks, deconsolidating
exposure and restructuring loans towards valuable SMEs. With over 120 debtors in the platform, both real-estate and corporate, including medium-small tickets (between €0.5 and €3.0 million), Efesto has achieved positive results in terms of restructuring agreements and collections, standing-out as a flexible platform with a new asset management model which will be attracting other banks and other loans from existing banks subscribers of the fund.

Moreover, doValue Greece has successfully completed the onboarding of the Icon Portfolio for approximately €2.6 billion (Gross Book Value) signed and announced in 2020.

These new servicing agreements coming in the first months of the year mark relevant progresses towards the achievement of the year-end target of €7-9 billion of new contracts for the Group and confirm the positive outlook of the loan servicing and real estate servicing markets.


doValue S.p.A.
doValue, formerly doBank S.p.A., is the leading operator in Southern Europe in credit management and real estate services for banks and investors. Present in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus, doValue has more than 20 years of industry experience and manages assets of approximately €160
billion (gross book value) with around 3,200 employees of an integrated range of services: special servicing of NPLs, UTPs, early arrears and performing positions, real estate servicing, master servicing, data processing and provision and other ancillary services. doValue is listed on the MTA (Mercato Telematico Azionario) operated by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. and, including the acquisition of 2 Altamira Asset Management and doValue Greece, recorded preliminary gross revenues in 2020 of about €418 million and an EBITDA ex non-recurring items of about €125 million.


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