Image Building provides active support in the definition and management of communication strategies and activities aimed at representing and supporting ideas, products, brands, services or initiatives of its Partners with the aim of actively participating in the political and regulatory debate and, more generally, to the ecosystem of ideas and of modifying collective and individual behaviours, raising engagement and awareness and increasing consensus among the general public and, consequently, among key decision-makers.

Nowadays, a transparent and professional management of relations with stakeholders and media through multiple channels and tools and the construction of a strategy capable of effectively generating consensus and credibility, are key elements that can influence public decision-making, competitive environment, business outlooks and the reputation of Companies.

Through advocacy activities and a consolidated network of partners operating in the area of lobbying, we help build the consensus necessary to effectively foster a policy change, spreading the most effective key messages to support and promote the interests and positions of our customers, increasing their positioning and perception within the general, institutional and media context.