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Our mission: communicate for a responsible growth

Since our company’s inception, we have been attentive to inclusion, social responsibility, and bettering our lives and the lives of the community around us. Our philosophy is based on a business management model that focuses on three main areas: social, environmental, and economic sustainability (“TPL” – triple bottom line).

We are constantly committed to ensuring that our company prospers sustainably, respecting the environment and actively promoting people’s quality of life.

At Image Building, we aim to spread a sustainability-oriented mindset through concrete initiatives and responsible choices. We dedicate ourselves to employee training, involve stakeholders, and support client companies in being a virtuous model in this field.

Social commitment is a fundamental pillar of our entrepreneurial mission, and we actively support some third-sector associations operating in the area to protect vulnerable communities.

We are a Benefit Corporation and in our statute we have codified the common benefit purposes that we have always pursued and implemented. This choice is part of our journey to create value for people, which also involves social commitment and respect for the environment.

How do we do it?

Responsibility and Ethics

We are aware of the impact our messages can have, reaching a vast and varied audience. We know that this responsibility intensifies when we address sensitive topics related to sustainability or issues of great ethical significance where accuracy and transparency are fundamental.

We produce appropriate content on ESG topics, ensuring the correctness and clarity of information, and conscious of the impact these messages will have.

Training and Professional Development

Each member of our team, along with partners and clients, enriches our reality with their personal and cultural background. We promote the continuous development of resources and skills by designing career paths and ensuring equal opportunities through inclusive training and development programs tailored to specific needs.

We care about the growth of young talent entering the job market, valuing them through highly professional training paths.

Social and Cultural Engagement

We raise awareness in communities about the importance of a culture of sustainability as an integral part of development, valuing initiatives and projects that can continuously enrich our workgroup and all our stakeholders.

We promote cultural initiatives to strengthen values such as inclusion and sharing in the context in which we operate. We firmly believe in the Ethics that govern professional life and our relationships, and we actively support initiatives aligned with our principles.

Active Support and Solidarity

Being proactive and supportive is a distinctive trait of our identity: in times of need, we ensure our support reaches those who need it most. We offer our infrastructure of tools, services, and human resources to realize initiatives we believe in and amplify the impact of our actions.

We have always committed ourselves alongside Third Sector organizations to promote dignity and education, creating opportunities for those who are most fragile and less fortunate. We actively support entities and foundations to promote cultural and educational initiatives, thereby helping to prevent growth-related difficulties and combat school dropout.

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