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Visual Communication

At Image Building, we apply strategic creativity for branding and image projects. We define a brand’s identity starting from an initial brand analysis, and subsequently by designing and developing the coordinated image for print and online use. We rely on a broad network of professionals, managed by our internal team and with whom we have collaborated for over 35 years.

Visual communication brings numerous advantages to a brand: immediacy, ease of understanding, interculturality, and entertainment. The added value of this type of communication lies in its ability to convey messages effectively and emotionally, overcoming language barriers, and facilitating interaction and engagement with the public.

We ensure that all visual content is consistent with our clients’ brand identity and the message they wish to convey, strengthening the brand presence and creating trust with the public.

We support our clients in analyzing the target audience and identifying the best creative choices to define a visual messaging strategy aligned with shared objectives.

In accordance with our clients, we create engaging and high-quality content aligned with the target audience and the communication goals (images, videos, infographics, graphics, illustrations, animations, etc.).

We monitor the performance of visual content through audience analysis and feedback, identifying different strategies and formats to understand what works best based on the results obtained.

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