A hostile takeover, an industrial or financial restructuring, a product recall, a data breach, or the impact of an environmental accident: these are just some of the many events that can affect the life of a company or an organization, generating a crisis context.

Image Building is recognized for its in-depth ability to analyse and understand the scenario, allowing to outline the possible evolutions of various events, as well as identifying the reference stakeholders.

We define the most effective intervention strategies and procedures, developing the communication materials necessary to manage a crisis with decisiveness and timeliness, dialoguing with the media and with the various stakeholders involved, with the aim of preserving the corporate reputation.

Our professionals have developed a consolidated experience in Crisis Management, supporting companies, banks, and institutions in dealing with emergency situations, working with legal and financial advisors to help resolve them.

Clear analysis, implementation capability, and prompt reactions are the characteristics that make our approach stand out and allow our clients to face the most difficult phases of corporate life with an adequate preparation.